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AC - Alternating Current
ACD - Automatic Call Distribution
ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode
AXE - Ericsson public telephone exchange systems
CEO - Chief Executive
CT - Computer Technology
DC - Direct Current
DDB - Directory Browser (Part of the D.N.A Application Suite)
DECT - Digital Enhanced Cordless Phone
DISA - Direct Inward System Access
DME - Mobile Executive (part of OPS 5.0)
DMG - Directory Manager (part of the D.N.A Application Suite)
D.N.A - Dynamic Network Administration
ECM - Electro Magnetic Compatibility
GF - Generic Functional Protocol
GSM - Global System for Mobiles
GUI - Graphical User Interface
HA - Hospitality Application
HQ - Headquarters
HW - Hardware
IDN - Integrated Digital Network
IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force
IP - Internet Protocol
ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO - International Organisation for Standardisation
IT - Information Technology
ITU - International Telecommunications Union
TU-T - International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunications
LAN - Local Area Network
LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LCA - Life Cycle Analysis
MAN - Metropolitan Area Network
MDM - Main Distribution Module
MTBF - Mean Time Between Failures
MVPN - Mobile Virtual Private Network
OPS - Operator Suite
OWS - Operator Workstation (part of the OPS)
PBX - Private Branch Exchange
PC - Personal Computer
POTS - Plain Old Telephony Service
RDE - Remote Digital Extender
QSIG - Digital private networking signaling system
SMS - Short Message Service
SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol
SQL - Structured Query Language
SW - Software
TDM - Time Division Multiplex
UPS - User-User Information
UUS - User-User Signaling
VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol
VPN - Virtual Private Network
WAN - Wide Area Network

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