If you have any questions about JET then please don't hesitate to use our Online enquiry form.

A communications platform can be costly, with this in mind JET Communications have made the payment arrangements as flexible as possible.

Upon the placement of an order JET shall proceed to order the equipment required to complete the project, upon receipt of the equipment JET shall install and commission to the instructions of the customer.

Upon completion of the entire project JET Communications then offer you the following payment alternatives...

  • A final invoice shall be raised to correspond with the initial quotation.
  • The invoice may be paid in full or alternatively.
  • Payment may be made through any Finance company.

JET Communications are happy to provide any finance arrangements should this be requested, all financing is carried out through a professional financing business providing the end customer with the best possible cost effective plan. JET does under no circumstances take any percentage of any agreement arranged through any finance company.

JET Communications are more than happy to provide you with the very best finance plan available to cater to your requirements. Acceptance of any finance plan is between the end customer and the finance company of choice, JET shall under no circumstances interfere with any further communications between yourself and the finance company. However, as always, we are here should you require any further advice.

Should you opt to purchase the equipment outright, a thirty day allowance shall be provided from the date of invoice prior to any payment being made.

For any further information then please do not hesitate to contact our offices.

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