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Offers total visibility of communication costs and usage.

Few businesses can risk underestimating such mission-critical resources as their telephony systems. They truly are one of the most highly used business assets, from sales and support activities, to chasing customers for payment. Therefore, it makes sense to gain a deeper understanding of how they are used, where can they be improved and understanding if an area is being exploited. These call management software solutions provide you with a strategic tool with which to monitor and save costs, verify usage, increase productivity and guard against fraudulent activities. Easily customized for individual business needs, the intuitive interface provides innovative ways to manage information and resources. The solutions are capable of collecting call data in real-time, or on a scheduled basis, from multiple switches in different countries and costing calls using multiple carriers and currencies. Solutions effortlessly scales from small to global sized organizations, and delivers information you can trust for reporting across the organization.

A variety of call accounting solutions are available targeting different business sectors. The software collects and reports on the call information that is available from traditional telephone systems (PBX), VoIP telephony solutions and dealing platforms. The solutions automatically interprets the vendor specific call information, thereby allowing businesses to easily produce professional management reports.

Cost savings can be visible immediately through carrier comparison and bill verification, let alone by subconsciously making employees more accountable for their personal telephone usage. Unfortunately, "time theft," or personal abuse of communication facilities, is now widespread in most businesses. Most customers realize a payback period of four to six months, after which the cost reductions and improved productivity increase the company's operating margin.

Businesses use the call accounting solution to identify and eliminate unnecessary telecom expenditures, manage employee productivity, stop employee telephone misuse, and identify unanswered calls to key groups such as sales.

Key Business Drivers

Save Communication Costs

  • Compare different carriers and choose the most cost effective provider
  • Identify excessive personal telephone calls

Increase Employee Productivity

  • Highlight busy times when resources need re-allocation
  • Identify needless long duration calls

Improve Customer Service

  • Set targets for key performance indicators, like time to answer and length of call Track Incoming, outgoing and missed calls
  • Visibility of inbound and outbound contact with key clients Pro-actively alerts against services being down/interrupted
  • Notification of unusual trends in activity Large choice of report export options including MS Excel, MS Word, RTF, CSV and PDF
  • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports to be automatically emailed at pre-determined intervals, minimizing user intervention and ensuring reports are delivered on time and to the right people
  • LDAP and Active Directory compliant, for ease of integration with other telephony systems and databases.
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