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These days even small and medium-size enterprises need professional voice logging - not just for reducing liability, resolving disputes or trapping nuisance callers but also for staff training, enhancing customer service or clarifying verbal instructions.

So whether you run a legal practice, a doctor's office, a small call center, an accountancy or construction firm, you can have the benefits of industrial strength recording that's easy to operate and manage, comes with minimal cost of ownership, yet that offers all the facilities and security of large corporate systems. Benefits include:

  • Simple - Anyone who can use a web browser to access
  • Secure - Fail-safe hardware and high reliability deliver outstanding resilience. Meanwhile your business records can be stored long term on the same low cost, robust optical media used for normal record/replay.
  • Fast - Tapeless storage and powerful search tools mean recordings are located fast for high quality replay straight to users' desktops over the LAN
  • Connectable - Works with your existing PBX or switch hardware.

We have been known to replace critical telephone systems within 24 hours of callout....More
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