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Telephony is no longer enough for everyday business, e-mail and internet access have become just as essential as voice calls and fax for carrying out your business. Managing all the diverse hardware and software elements that go into making a traditional voice and data solution used to be major headache.

With new voice and data solutions, businesses can make savings by sharing equipment functionality and by reducing the number of external services needed such as telephone lines or private circuits, which help cut ongoing communications costs.

In order to take the headache out of voice and data convergence JET Communications are able to present you with a choice of solutions tailored to your particular needs. The products available will provide your business with all of the benefits of voice and data convergence but most importantly with any integration of this type provide you with a true traditional PBX.

The solutions provide traditional voice telephony needs packed with features such as Call Forwarding, Direct Inward Dialling, Caller Identification, Pick-Up Groups, Hunt Groups as well as providing extra business flexibility by utilising CTI, data networking capabilities to accommodate file and peripheral sharing, message handling capabilities, e-mail, voicemail and voicemail to e-mail notification and internet access.

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